Email marketing

effective and personal directly with your customer

Your email list is worth its weight in gold

Email marketing may sound old-fashioned, but it is still totally contemporary! The most effective and often cost-efficient way to bring attention to your products and services is often still by mail. After all, an email arrives directly in your customer’s inbox, and with a good and strong focus on content, it will not be seen as spam, but you can directly make sales and also build a good relationship with your customer.

Only when you start with a newsletter do you need a strong content strategy, and if you want to set up a funnel or automated email flow, you need to know how this works technically and what is convenient in terms of timing and concepting with this one.

Together with us, you get returns from email

We help you properly deploy and effectively grow your email list. We have experience in setting up funnels, setting up various automations (such as abandoned shopping cart, reactivations or nurturing campaigns) and sending catchy newsletters with a strong content concept so that potential customers are convinced. Your email list gives you the chance to write to people directly in person and is a strong backup in addition to social media. This is because the contacts remain yours and can be accessed by you for free (unlike social media). And you are not dependent on the – sometimes capricious – algorithm that determines whether your content is seen. With smart automation, we can ensure that the customer receives the right email at the right time – linked to the actions she/he takes on your website.

How we can support you

putting your email list into action

Grow your email list with lead magnets

Through a smart approach, we can work out a lead magnet for you that will get long-term new potential customers to subscribe to your email list. We develop the lead magnet, flows and campaigns for you.

Deploy targeted funnels that turn leads into customers

With a clever funnel, you let people get closer and closer to your offer. You work on building a relationship and you get people to see for themselves how valuable your offer is to them, bringing them step by step closer to buying. We can design and work out the whole thing for you.

Setting up various automations

People who have added products to their cart but still leave your online shop or contacts who have been on your mailing list for a long time but are no longer active. We help you set up automations that get value out of this in turn. Conceptualize and execute your newsletter strategy

Conceptualize and execute your newsletter strategy

Newsletters are certainly still of our time. With a good concept, you make sure that you stay top of mind with your contacts and that you start delivering value to them on a regular basis. We help you conceptualize and implement this strategy.

Choosing the right tool & implementing this

We have extensive experience with all different email and automation tools and have done a lot of research on them. If you are going to pick a new tool and want to implement it, we can support you decisively.

The result is a strong and ever-growing email list that you target to encourage purchases of your offerings independent of social media and advertising. A completely automated approach that ensures that in addition to your newsletter, people get the right email at the right time that exactly fits their situation.

This is what others are saying about our efforts

Your own lead magnet

Making sure your email list is constantly growing can be a very good idea. In fact, it is quite common for people to unsubscribe over time and you lose contacts on your email list. You therefore use a matching lead magnet to ensure that new people can get to know you in a low-threshold way, showing them the value of your offering. We can take it off your hands completely, we develop the lead magnet (idea, text, design, execution) and make sure it is followed up with a strong funnel. This can be done, for example, by constantly bringing a long-term advertising approach to new people’s attention

Funnel for your online course

It is hot and happening in the horse world to set up your own online course. Only selling the course may still be very disappointing. We have extensive experience in launching and selling online courses and are happy to help you with the matching automations and funnels that will finally make your online course sell well. Together, we make sure that you get noticed by your target audience and that we start explaining the benefits of your course well in targeted emails so that people want to purchase it right away.

Receive your personalized proposal

We are happy to think with you about on which platform your opportunities lie and how you can boost results from your campaigns. In agreement with you, we make a personal quote on our commitment and see that the advertising budget fits into your schedule.

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