Online advertising

working campaigns with measurable results

Reach new people directly

Let’s face it, the times where you could only reach a lot of people organically and go viral with ease are gone. Nowadays, advertising is also an essential part of online marketing.

Perhaps you have already set up an ad campaign, but the results were very disappointing. Or you immediately got bogged down in getting the pixel technically ready and starting the account. But you also want to bring your products to the attention of the right customer at the right time and don’t really have any idea how to start this effectively.

With well-performing ads that get results and showcase your products in the right way, you can instantly convince people to make a purchase from you or ensure a growing email list.

We set up the appropriate campaign for you

Whether on socials or yet directly in Google with text or shopping or even video ads on Youtube, we will help you with an appropriate approach with the right campaign for your goals. We have extensive expertise in Social media advertising, Search Engine Advertising, Shopping Ads, Video ads, Pixel installation and Instagram shop. We facilitate the whole package for you: from installing the pixel and making sure everything can be measured properly to creating the appropriate campaigns (including appropriate advertising materials) to monitoring and improving the campaigns in between. Afterwards, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your campaign and its results from us.

How we can support you

The appropriate campaign for your objective

Setting up and setting up advertising accounts

The first step is getting your accounts ready with all the settings so you can get started. We will help you properly install the Business Manager and get everything ready for the campaigns.

Ensuring proper measurement on your website

Of course you want to know what your campaigns are doing. That's why we provide the right settings on your website so you can measure conversions cleanly. We create custom conversions and make sure you can measure not only visits but also quality of visits and, of course, conversions.

Creation of appropriate advertising materials

The success of campaigns depends 80% on the advertising material used. We help you create the right images and videos so you can advertise successfully.

Run and improve ongoing campaigns

Social media campaigns especially need maintenance. You want to test different things and improve campaigns on this on an ongoing basis. We can completely take over these tasks for you.

Advice and consulting on your own campaigns

Of course, you want to learn how to better use your campaigns yourself. We are never reluctant to explain things or just check with you. For example, book a consultation where we look through your account together and give you tips on the setup and results of former or ongoing campaigns.

The result is high-performing campaigns tailored to appeal to your ideal customer and get them to make purchases. You know which platforms produce the best results for your customers and products. And you can measure all the results of the campaigns properly and accurately.

This is what others are saying about our efforts

Advertising material package

These days, video works best for social media campaigns. We can support you with the production of suitable material for your social media campaigns. Sometimes that’s by scheduling a content day and producing new video material. Sometimes we do this by repurposing and reshaping old video material, and sometimes we do it by supporting you in obtaining user-generated content (videos in which your customers talk about your products or services). We will provide you with the material in the appropriate formats so that it can be used immediately in the campaigns.

Receive your personalized proposal

We are happy to think with you about on which platform your opportunities lie and how you can boost results from your campaigns. We will meet with you to make a personalized quote and see that the advertising budget fits into your schedule.

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