Being visible on social media

essential part of a good strategy

Attract attention on socials

Easier said than done to get the attention of your (potential) customers with your posts on social media these days. You’re unsure about what platform you can start using and how to fill channels without having to do bizarre TikTok dances. And should you start influencers or not?

With the right approach, you too can use social media successfully. With fixed content planning and a good strategy, you get more structure in the channels and together we can improve results. Because we love that in addition to visibility and attention, you can get new customers directly from your social media.

We develop the strategy for greater success on socials

We breathe social media and are very happy to help you optimize your channels. We start with a content brainstorm to set up the content strategy together. We think about your image, your message, campaigns, management and strategy. Want to really boost your reach? Then we’ll look with you for influencer or other partner engagement to really take your reach and results a level further. Of course, because we love measurability, we also set up a dashboard and make influencer, partner and ambassador engagement fully measurable for you

How we can support you

take over social media completely or just support you

Strategy for content and formats

We develop a social media strategy that fits your business. We take the capacity and skills of your team or yourself and determine a convenient approach to content in terms of formats and amount of content.

Producing and posting content

We support you with content days in content production. We take photos and videos that are suitable for social media and fit the look and feel of your business. We develop templates and write captions for your channels. We can also fully manage channels.

Making commitment measurable

Of course, again, there is a focus on measurability - we love that. We connect your channels through our connector to a dashboard, making it easy to see exactly what's happening each month.

Influencer campaigns and collaborations

We search together for suitable influencers and collaborations and make sure they are well thought out. We write briefings, ensure measurability and look at results together.

A strong profile & good actions

We give you tips on your profile and how to use it well. We devise fun actions and implement them together. We plan through the channels and provide regular updates on all features of the profile.

At the end, you will know how to engage your ideal client through your chosen social media platforms, have clear content that fits your branding and a clear strategy. Or you have completely outsourced social media to us and don’t have to worry about it anymore. Of course, you’ll hear all about how the channels are doing in our monthly updates to you.

This is what others are saying about our efforts

Our social media packages

customization for each customer at a fixed price


You create the content in our tool, we help with input and feedback

€395 per month


We take over and manage your channels for you.

from €995 per month


For companies that really want to move forward with the use of social media

from €1,495 per month

With all packages, we start with a shared content brainstorm where we gather input from you in order to customize content planning, develop templates for you and set a clear strategy for you. There are start-up costs associated with this, and for this reason we also set a partnership on a term of at least 6 months.

Before we start picking up content, we check your profile. We look at the success of former content and give your profile a major makeover with a strong bio, well-crafted highlights and (if appropriate for the account) we also deploy other features of the platform.

Social media content package

Social media lives on good content. In addition to creating a content plan and using imagery you already have available. you can also work with us to produce suitable photo and video material for social media. On these content days, we often work with a professional photographer and videographer and start producing content for the upcoming time (usually a quarter). We have in our network several locations and models (horse, human, dog and cat) that can be used. It is also possible to arrange this yourself. In any case, we make sure the content is good to use for social media and provide you with ready-made photos and reels to be scheduled afterwards.

Social advertising package

In addition to organic content, it can be hugely important to use social media with paid campaigns as well. We often advise clients to do a combination of organic content with campaigns so that new people can also be addressed and you can push sales from social media well. We can completely take over the campaigns for you. We create suitable materials for the campaigns, we set up the campaigns with the right target groups, and we continuously monitor success and make necessary adjustments to ongoing campaigns.

Additional content packages

Depending on the company’s strategy, it is good to create more content (such as blogs) for the website. These blog posts can then be used again for social media. In addition, we can also help you create special lead magnets or set up a regular newsletter for which we either only provide the concept or also take over the creation and sending for you.

Receive your personalized proposal

Of course, in addition to the packages we have come up with, it remains customization where we especially look together at your available budget and the challenges you experience on social media.

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