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Someone who thinks with you

It is not always easy to make all the choices alone. Sometimes you need someone with a lot of experience who can think with you and help you look at things from a different angle. Perhaps you don’t know which marketing channels you should really be working with right now. You may be struggling with the strategic positioning of your company relative to your peers. It may also be that you just can’t see very well anymore what goals you can set or what the matching KPIs are.

Perhaps you have come up with a whole new offering or product and want to successfully market and launch it. Perhaps you also have a complex issue or certain challenges for which you need advice.

Take advantage of our vast experience and knowledge

You are not alone! We are ready to discuss and develop these challenges with you. We will help you position yourself, choose the channels you can put in place, set KPIs, define your strategy and goals. At the end, you will have mapped out for yourself what you want to do, when and how. You have a strategy, with associated goals and KPIs that stand like a house. You know what channels you can use and how to position yourself well to show your own authentic self.

Examples of how we can help

As a strategic sparring partner for your challenges

Researching customer needs

We help you find out where the need really lies, whether through a questionnaire or in an interactive brainstorm or focus group. We have extensive experience in market research.

Thinking along about a complex challenge

Do you have a challenging situation or complex challenge and are looking for a creative or clever solution to it? We help you look at your challenge from a different angle and advise you on how to approach it.

Choosing the right use of your time and money

What are you making the most positive impact for your business right now? We think with you about alternatives and where best to invest your time and money at this time in order to grow well or achieve your goals.

Sparring partner on goals and measurability

To measure is to know and that is not always easy. We can help you explore what data you should know and support you in getting it measurable. Of course, when analyzing this beautiful new data, we don't leave it alone either.

Development of launches and communication plans

You have a new service or product and you want it to be optimally adopted by the target audience or, on the other hand, you have an existing product that needs to be brought to the attention again. We help you write and execute communication plans

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Receive your personalized proposal

Do you need a strategic sparring partner to support you with the complex issues and challenges you face in your business? Big or small, we are very happy to think with you. Contact us and we will be very happy to schedule a no-obligation call with you!

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