6 popular tools for making reels

When we open Instagram, the first thing we often see is an Instagram Reel. We can scroll through our reels page for hours before we realize how long we’ve been there. Reels offer a quick and easy way to expand our reach as short video content becomes increasingly engaging and important. With the growing popularity of reels, it is more important than ever to use the right tools to create engaging and high-quality content. This content should look professional and convey your message in the right way, but we also don’t want to spend too much time creating a reel, so it should remain simple.

Setting goals

Soon it will be that time of the year again! For some, that means making resolutions for the coming year. As a business owner, you can also use the turn of the year as a good opportunity to reflect, evaluate the past year and draw conclusions for the new year.


Influencers. They are totally “hot” these days. If you ask young horse girls what they want to be later on, you will now increasingly get the answer “an influencer.” Where before Anky was a great role model and riding at Olympic level was the end goal for many, we see that this has completely shifted. Today’s idols are often riders who excel not necessarily with their sporting achievements, but rather by sharing their – sometimes very ordinary – lives. And very successfully, too. Are you already using influencers in your marketing strategy?

Engagement on social media

Engagement, you’ve probably heard of it. If you do a lot of social media, as we do, this is a very important metric and goal of social media strategy. Engagement is the total number of likes and comments on a post. Do you ever look at your engagement rate? And how do you score compared to this average? And curious how to boost that engagement rate on your channels a bit? Then read on…

Why you must have blogs on your website

For the Google findability of your website (also called SEO in marketing terms), blogging is incredibly interesting. This is because it is the perfect place to place keywords that you would like to be found on. A logical start, then, is to make sure you have the keywords or topics you want to be found on. Then you can write blog(s) on these topics, incorporating the search terms, and publish them on your website. That way, when someone searches for that particular keyword, Google will link through to your blog. And then once they’re on your website, of course you hope they’ll click through and read on….

How to create a custom 404 page on your website?

Oops! A 404 page on your website… Statistics show that 73.72% of all visitors leave a website after seeing a 404 page. And you don’t want that! Therefore, it is a top idea not to make your 404 page a dead end. Make your 404 page a fun, funny page that makes it easy for visitors to click back to your homepage or menu. How to do that? In this blog, some tips for a custom 404 page on your website.

Here’s how to ensure a good relationship with your customer

Your customers are obviously hugely important to your business. Actually, they are what makes your company a company at all. Because if you had no customers, then you had no income and basically had no business. So cherish your customers! Actually, it is then quite crazy that with online marketing we very often focus on attracting new customers (acquisition) and much less energy is put into retaining the customers you now have and building good relationships with them (retention).

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